Education at the Speed of Business

Our popular MarketSmart Academy seminars are designed to both introduce people to the various marketing strategies and to expand their existing knowledge base. About half the people who attend have an academic marketing background, the others are business owners and managers who have no formal training in marketing. Both gain something by attending.

If you want people to know about your company and its products, Media Relations Agency offers a hybrid strategy that will work for you. Our key leadership offers a variety of seminars that will help you better understand the value of a winning brand strategy.  Learn how you can use media coverage as an excellent way to share their stories with the public, and how it flows nicely into your websites and other promotional channels.

Our seminars offer businesses opportunities to learn how to get the most out of new marketing tools such as social media;  how to move your sales needle through product publicity; and other key concepts that will improve your marketing immediately.

A Non-Techie's Guide to Digital Marketing

Presented by Jason Kocina, President
Checkerboard Strategic Web Development

Strategically Aimed Marketing

Presented by Lonny Kocina, CEO and founder
Media Relations Agency

Are Press Releases Dead? Resuscitating Your PR Strategy

Presented by Heather Champine, Partner and Vice-President of Media Production, Media Relations Agency

Let's Talk Twitter

Presented by Jason Kocina, President
Checkerboard Strategic Web Development