Seats still available! Get free breakfast and refreshingly different marketing tips next week.

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Seats still available! Get free breakfast and refreshingly different marketing tips next week.

Are you ready to explore some new tactics? Next week, we premiere two new MarketSmart Academy classes that will get your creative juices flowing. As always, each class is free and includes a Continental breakfast. You’ll be re-energized and out the door by 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday May 9: Building Your Marketing Team through Strengths-Based Leadership

7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Amazing things happen when you match people’s job responsibilities with their innate strengths. It creates a Win Win Win: A win for your team members because they love what they do, a win for your customers because they get great service, and a win for your company because you have happy customers and employees. Taught by Kocina Branding & Marketing Companies’ Chief Operating Officer Robin Kocina and Checkerboard Strategic Web Development’s Vice President of Production Jennifer Barker, this is a process we use within our own company, which is why you see so many smiles when you walk through our offices, and why we get so much accomplished during each work day.

Thursday May 10: Getting Involved with Cause Marketing

7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Now more than ever, consumers are choosing to buy from companies that they believe are socially responsible. Dawn dishwashing liquid is used to save wildlife. American Express devised Small Business Saturday. McDonalds has its Ronald McDonald House. Social responsibility helps consumers take notice of a company for all the right reasons.

In this class, you will learn why any sized business can (and should) become more engaged with needs in their local community. Cause marketing – a strategic marketing partnership between your business and a social cause or nonprofit – enables consumers to connect with your business in a meaningful, positive and personal way. It builds awareness of your company, provides a tangible demonstration of your values, engages your employees and can differentiate your organization. It also helps you build a loyal fan base of advocates who will stand by you in rockier times. Women buyers are especially open to supporting brands that are transforming communities, society and the world.

This class will be presented by senior-level public relations and marketing professional Brian Numainville, who has planned and executed numerous cause marketing campaigns, and is personally involved with both the corporate and nonprofit marketing sectors.

Registration for all MarketSmart Academy classes can be completed online. Sign up today!



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