We arranged coverage for TV news legend Connie Chung's visit to the Twin Cities

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We arranged coverage for TV news legend Connie Chung’s visit to the Twin Cities

She is a TV news legend, and we got her on the front page of the biggest newspaper in Minnesota.  Former network anchor Connie Chung is making a special appearance in Minneapolis for the 2011 Annual WomenVenture Event this Friday, October 14th. We are getting some great exposure for the event thanks to the fantastic interview with Chung we got on the front page of the variety section in this week’s Star Tribune.

As part of the event which aims to help women succeed in business, Chung will share her story of life lessons and success from the beginning as the first Asian and only the second woman to anchor the evening news. She is a strong voice for equality in the workplace, having experienced and overcome workplace challenges in a male-dominated industry.

WomenVenture is the only Minnesota non-profit dedicated exclusively to helping women gain economic prosperity by helping them grow in their careers, giving them the tools to expand their business or secure a loan to open a new business.

Kocina Branding & Marketing Companies have worked with WomenVenture over the past decade, and we are proud to be associated with an organization that so devoted to a cause we take personal interest in. Our team of publicists worked hard this fall promoting the annual event to the Twin Cities media, and we’ve had a number of great placements in print, TV and radio. Click here to read the Star Tribune interview with Connie Chung.

To learn more about the 2011 Annual WomenVenture Event, or to purchase tickets, to go www.womenventure.org.

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Krista is a former TV news producer, so she’s a natural at working with the media. She’s also creative and persistent. When she’s got a good story that needs to be told, she won’t give up until she’s made it happen.

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