Our client teaches viewers how to get creative with holiday donations

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Our client teaches viewers how to get creative with holiday donations

As you rush out the door this week to finish off your grocery list for your big Thanksgiving meal or wait in line for hours outside the mall waiting to score those big Black Friday deals, you’re likely to notice those cheery red bell ringers once again outside the doors. They offer hearty “thank yous” and genuine smiles for your donations for the Salvation Army. Yes the season of giving is here, but with another full year in a down economy many of us wonder if we really have the extra money to give this Christmas.

Our client Good Donor wants people to know that there are easy ways to continue with charitable giving this year. We recently booked Good Donor on two Phoenix-market TV shows to help explain to viewers how to donate even if your bank account is sparse. For example, many charities are making it simple by collecting items right from your doorstep. Want to change up your hairstyle? Then consider donating your hair to Locks of Love. Another idea: donate blood. It’s a simple act, but one that is always in need.

To learn more about Good Donor, check out its website: www.gooddonor.org.

Here’s one of Good Donor’s Phoenix TV interviews.


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