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Keeping up with the media

Our publicist team really has the pulse on the media. Not only are they talking to hundreds of media contacts but they also are on top of all the news trends and reporters’ needs via social media. One of our publicists, Krista Wignall, found a perfect opportunity to pitch one of our clients by monitoring Twitter. She spotted a request for an expert to speak on the topic of healthy snacking for a road trip. The story will appear in the Atlanta Journal. This fell right into line with one of our client’s topics and product. She jumped on this opportunity and pitched one of our experts. Within hours she had the interview set up. If it wasn’t for Krista’s quick response and being “in the know” we might have missed this opportunity.

A bonus element was added to this particular situation. Krista was asked to be interviewed for the article as well! This gave us an extra chance to get in our client messaging, while enabling Krista to connect with the reporter on a more personal level and build a good relationship. This will come in handy when Krista is pitching future story ideas that might also interest this reporter. Click here to see how the article turned out!


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Heather Jo is a joy to be around, and she’s an expert at organizing any project. As Account Manager, she makes sure communications for media interviews, media tours and projects flow smoothly, and intuitively can turn something strong into something superb. As Social Media Community Manager, she excels at finding ways to use social media that will improve our clients’ online presence and support their marketing campaigns.