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Sheila Krejci, M.Ed HRD Partner-Everything DiSC-Wiley, Leader-Team Consultant and Coach, Presentations’ Coach

Presented by Sheila Krejci, M.Ed HRD

Leadership & learning and developmental consultant Sheila Krejci specializes in helping experts become valued leaders in their industries. She designs and delivers research-based, interactive workshops, training events, coaching sessions and webinars. Her past clients include professionals in the healthcare, financial and legal industries along with city and state government. She is author of The Engaging Expert: a Fieldbook for Occasional Presenters & Accidental Trainers and the soon to be released, Your Greatest Contribution.

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to share your expertise with a group. For some of you, this might be your least favorite part of your responsibilities. Or maybe you’ve delivered this same content before and want to improve your presentation. Either way, you don’t want to be that speaker: the one who bores the audience with dry lectures and endless PowerPoint slides.

Learn how to capture your audience’s attention and keep them motivated using proven techniques from The Engaging Expert: Field Book for Occasional Speakers and Accidental Trainers. When you deploy even a handful of the methods and techniques you’ll learn in this session, you will dramatically increase the impact of your presentations. Your audience will be clear about your message and, most importantly, your call to action.

In this seminar, you will learn how to:

Focus your audience on what they need to do rather than what they need to know from your presentation

Apply the Performance Impact Model framework to

  • Tweak your presentation’s key message design
  • Enhance speaking performance with a call to action for all participants
  • Assess learning results

Integrate current research on the adult brain to ensure learners retain the content

Minimize PowerPoint pain for audiences in five easy ways

Use activities and tools to replace traditional lectures

Separate the need to know from the nice to know and the where to go when developing participant-focused materials for your session


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