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Hsssssss: That’s the sound of your blog content running out of steam.

Today’s blog content is competing with nearly 50 billion other web pages on more than 634 million websites. As we advise our clients, for a blog to be an effective marketing tool, it must be interesting, informative, relevant and well written. Also keep in mind that the public’s hunger for new content is epic. Wait too long between blog posts, and your audience may go elsewhere.

We help our clients attract more blog followers by creating a steady stream of engaging content. While readers understand when they go to your website that you’re blogging to sell them something, they don’t want or expect all blog content to be product related. They want to feel smarter after they read your content, and maybe even entertained. We collaborate with our clients to create an editorial calendar that offers a balanced mix of topics.

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Five questions to ask before hiring a freelance content writer

Content marketing – your blogs, social media and web writing – is one of your most valuable strategic marketing assets. Our clients know that content marketing works best when it is integrated within their overall marketing strategy. We offer both on-call and Pay Per Post content writing services to fit their needs. They don’t have to move outside of their well-designed, integrated marketing plan to hire a freelance content writer.

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Five unusual reasons to do more content marketing

As a hybrid agency, Media Relations has hands-on experience with every promotional channel. While you may associate agency writing with press releases and blogs, our clients quickly learn that our writers can create media-grade content to be used in interesting and unusual ways. This list may cause you to reconsider your need for more content marketing.

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Millionaire explains why retelling your story is a marketing necessity

My role at Media Relations is to help clients retell their stories by writing media-grade content which they can use on their websites, in social media and in other promotional channels. No writing job is too small! Sometimes clients will just ask me to squeeze as many value points as possible into one paragraph with a limited word count. So I write one really succinct paragraph which tells their story.

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The three cardinal sins of web content writing

Writing web content would be so much simpler if every website visitor already strongly desired the product being promoted on that site. But most people still need some convincing. In many cases, they need to be educated first, then funneled into the sales cycle. If your content isn’t channeling people into the sales process, it may due to one of these three cardinal sins:.

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Overcoming the “no time to write content” challenge

Well-written content is critical for creating brand awareness, generating leads and driving website traffic. But many leaders struggle with finding the time to come up with content ideas, get it written, approved and posted, all while still running their businesses. Our answer to this “no time to write content” dilemma is relatively easy: Invest your time only on content that will deliver results.

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How much lead-generating content do you need for your website?

You need great content for your digital lead-generating activities. Without it, everything else will fall short. Our formula used for our clients goes something like this: Write media-grade content. Make sure that it has a compelling call to action. Post it on your website. Syndicate it to other Internet sites where your audience spends a lot of time. Content works hardest when it fuels a well-orchestrated marketing strategy. Here are some other factors we encourage Media Relations’ clients
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Five content marketing tactics you should be using

If you promote your business on the Internet, you need to be smart about it. Our content marketing services are exploding in popularity. That’s not surprising. Every business should have a content marketing strategy because it has a direct impact on purchase decisions. Here are five content marketing tactics you should have in place: Understand what you want to communicate to your audience. Otherwise, it’s easier than you might imagine for your content to get sidetracked. We never miss this
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