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Our editing services can make your content more enjoyable

Many of our clients are excellent writers. But even the most gifted writers need a second set of eyes on their work. Strong, experienced editors do more than proofread. They can ensure that your message is on point and communicated effectively. They give each piece more polish. They make it more enjoyable, which is how it will do its intended job. Media Relations’ content editing services help to protect our clients’ brands and reputations. We’re always happy to look at your marketing content
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Can your content marketing program pass this fitness test?

How healthy is your content marketing program? Is it active and robust? Or, is it a virtual couch potato making minimum effort? Here are a five questions to help you determine if your content marketing program is fit or getting a little flabby. Have you set your fitness goals? Define your benchmarks. Who do you want to reach? What messages do you want to communicate? What actions do you want readers to take? How often do you want to get in front of your audience?     Are you using the right
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Face-to-face marketing in a digital world

Our marketing firm endorses and recommends face-to-face marketing. Being in front of someone enables you to respond to their subtle verbal and nonverbal cues. That’s why expos, trade shows and other in-person gatherings can be great selling and feedback-gathering opportunities. But depending entirely on face-to-face marketing isn’t practical. You can’t be everywhere at once. One solution is to meet people where they spend several hours a day: on their digital devices.

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How much content marketing does your business need?

Business websites rank higher organically in search engine results when each page has a lot of fresh, text-based content. That’s really frustrating if you’re intimidated by writing, or if you can’t ever seem to find large chunks of uninterrupted time. How much content do you really need to do? Is it okay to slack off? There is no exact amount that works for every business. One blog a month may be sufficient for one company while another may be best served by several blogs plus even more social media posts.

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Ten smart reasons to use our content writers

Who should write your blog and social media content? Content marketing requires skills that may have nothing to do with your core business. And let’s face it, many people struggle to write. Uber creatives are challenged by corralling all their great ideas long enough to type them into a document. Grammar-gurus sometimes have difficulty breaking free of the rules so their creative juices will start flowing. Having a writing team helps you harness the best of the best. And not just any writers. Our content writers have worked with the media for more than 30 years!

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Think of your content marketing as brand journalism

Websites built on WordPress enable you to post and share marketing content without needing an IT professional. Now the challenge is to populate your content stream. Before you enlist the help of someone fresh out of college, or assign this task to an already overworked employee, I’m challenging you to adjust your frame of reference. Instead of thinking of your blogs and posts as “content marketing”, think of them as brand journalism.

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