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How can I get publicity for my product?

When you see news stories about a consumer product, it’s easy to think that a reporter just happened to learn about the product and decide it deserved media coverage. That’s not necessarily the case. Quite likely, someone had a hand in telling the reporter about the product. Often times, that someone is us. Over the last three decades, our staff has arranged tens of thousands of product stories. The secret to our success is that we charge per story rather than by the hour. Many marketers ask, “How can I get publicity for my product?” The answer is: call us.

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The best way to promote your product

Many companies don’t use PR to tell their story. That’s because many PR firms charge big hourly fees with no guarantee of coverage. I don’t blame anyone for skipping that gamble. We’ve made it cost-effective and smart to take advantage of the best way to promote your product: media coverage.

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Product news coverage: Underused and oh so smart

No promotional tool is more underused than product news coverage. I know because my company, Media Relations, Inc., has been arranging product news stories for almost 30 years. One of our most important tasks is helping companies understand that they can ‒ and should ‒ tap into the power of media coverage to promote their products.

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The step many companies miss in their Internet marketing

When you visit a neighborhood store, you probably expect merchandise to be orderly and easy to find. The same holds true for websites: When customers visit a website, they expect to find what they want quickly, and they want it to look good. A well-run website is essential for successful Internet marketing. However, it takes time and energy to keep a website current and optimized. A web property manager can help you maintain your site at the standards customers expect.

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How can I get more news coverage for my product?

No one will get your product more news coverage than we will. How do we do it? We work harder. Why would we work harder? Because we charge per story, not by the hour.

I’ve taken more grief for selling PR by the story than you can imagine. Traditional PR firms bill by the hour, and they see our Pay Per Interview Publicity® pricing model as a threat. One guy in the old guard camp thought he could embarrass me in front of others. He tilted his head back so he could look down his nose at me and snickered, “Oh yes, aren’t you the fellows who sell publicity by the pound?” I fixed him, though. I said, “No, we’re the ones who sell it by the ton.” It got a laugh and shut him up.

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Answers to the two biggest questions about media coverage, revealed

1. “How much media coverage can you arrange for our product?”
2. “What would it cost?”

No matter what the product or who the client, eventually our meetings come down to these two questions about media coverage.

So we are offering a free, no-obligation, easy consultation to tell you the answers as best we can. Call Heather Champine at 952-697-5269 or complete this form. After a 15-minute conversation with Heather, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the answers. Heather will be happy to spend more time with you if you’d like, but 15 minutes is usually all it takes.

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A genius marketing strategy hidden right under your nose

There is a genius marketing strategy that is pretty much guaranteed to leave your competitors in the dust.

Most of us actively block out advertising and sales messages. That’s why we have DVRs, satellite radio and national do-not-call lists. What audiences don’t block out, they ignore. So how do you make certain that consumers listen to your message? Become the content, not the ad!

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