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Why publicity should be in your product marketing strategy

This national article that I arranged for our client, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, shows why media coverage should be a part of your product marketing strategy. Media stories can capture consumers’ interest and explain product benefits. Media coverage also has a huge reach; this national article made one million impressions. The article used an intriguing angle to make consumers curious to read further.

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Social media sites can give you peace of mind about your marketing

Promoting a product can cause you to do a lot of wondering. You may wonder what consumers really think about your new product. You may wonder if your promotions are attracting attention. You may ask yourself why some campaigns increase sales and others seem to get no reaction. Monitoring social media sites can give you peace of mind by providing answers to many of these questions.

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California media coverage ready for its next life in digital marketing

This California media coverage I arranged for our client, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), reached 75,000 viewers when it aired on an ABC-affiliated morning show. But that was just the start. Now MPOC can repurpose this media clip in its digital marketing to teach more consumers about Malaysian sustainable palm oil’s benefits. The media stories we arrange have two lives: their initial airing and serving as owned-media marketing tools afterwards.

This national magazine article reached 947,087 folks. That’s marketing.

How many potential customers would you like to reach with one media story? How about 947,087? That’s how many people received my client’s message through this Woman’s World coverage I arranged. This national magazine article taught readers across the country that natural eggshell membrane (NEM) can help ease arthritis pain. Publicity is truly mass marketing.

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It’s amazing what you can learn from social media listening

Any good salesperson will tell you that sales is about listening. You need to determine your audience’s pain points so you can show them how your product solves the problem. This is as true in mass marketing as it is in personal selling. Some of our clients ask me to do their social media listening for them. By monitoring social media channels and mainstream digital news feeds, I find out what the public ‒ and the media ‒ are saying about our clients’ product categories and industries.

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Want to reach 500,000 listeners? Get radio publicity like this.

Imagine how it would feel to know that 500,000 listeners just learned about your product from a trusted expert. That’s what our client, Malaysian Palm Oil Council, experienced when this radio interview aired on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Doctor Radio.  I arranged for our client’s spokesperson to appear on this program to discuss some of the benefits of Malaysian sustainable palm oil. I was thrilled to achieve this for our client, because I knew the radio publicity would be credible, engaging
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San Fran kids’ health article is a model of non-traditional advertising

When you see pertinent health advice in a magazine article, you might circle the advice and then tear out the article to save for later. That’s why I was so happy when I arranged this article for our client, Similasan, in a San Francisco-area women’s publication called M Magazine. The piece explains the benefits of Similasan’s cold relief products for children in a format that the publication’s 37,000 readers can trust. This article is non-traditional advertising that readers will be tempted
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Hidden cash? National article teaches seniors where to find money.

One of the hottest financial topics today is life settlements, and we’re making sure that our client is included in as many of the media’s discussions as possible. A good example is this national article that appeared on, which taught three million readers that their life insurance may be a hidden source of cash during their retirement years. The article got further exposure after being picked up by several other websites. Three notable ones were Yahoo Finance, which has millions
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Client’s flu product gets timely Wisconsin TV publicity

Our jobs as marketing strategy experts involves weaving our clients’ stories into the media’s topical conversations. We began arranging this Wisconsin TV publicity for our client long before cold and flu season started. The media covers this topic each year. We always want to be the first ones to contact producers with a fresh story angle. That increases the odds that our clients will be the ones mentioned in their annual coverage. This year, we added a second ‘hook’ related to holiday eating. More
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Toronto newspaper interview simplifies reasons to buy client’s product

One of the best ways to promote a product is to show the media and their audiences how it fits into a typical lifestyle. A good example is this Toronto Sun feature article in which a health expert describes 10 healing foods. She includes one of our client’s products and elaborates on how it can support brain, skin and heart health. She even includes instructions for using this product as a dry-hair remedy. People like lists such as these. They are easy to read, fun to review and simplify their
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