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Local flair helps us effectively reach a nationwide audience

Shop local. Support your neighborhood businesses. Many of today’s consumers are avoiding major retailers and spending their dollars closer to their neighborhoods. This can be a problem for operators and franchisees of nationally known brands. Their name awareness is often a double-edged sword: appealing to some consumers, dissuading to others. The solution is to promote your product or service with a local flair.

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Product marketing that’s not afraid of a little science

Sometimes your marketing needs some science. This article I arranged for the Malaysian Palm Oil Council used biochemistry and nutritional information to explain why sustainable Malaysian palm oil is a healthy cooking oil. It made 3,600,000 impressions and reached a national audience. Our marketing agency has years of experience arranging science-related content. In both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, specialized information can be exactly what it takes to tell
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National magazine article teaches 352,000 about our client’s product

The Saturday Evening Post has a long tradition of providing thought-provoking articles. I was happy to arrange publicity in this national publication for our client, Sambucol, because I knew a large audience would see it. Indeed, this national magazine article made 352,000 impressions. That’s the beauty of media coverage: It delivers a client’s message to a massive audience on a trusted platform.

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Social media listening can help you find fresh content ideas

The best way to meet people’s needs is to listen to what they tell they are saying. That’s why social media listening is such a great complement to my work as a publicist. I monitor sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to discover what people are saying about clients’ products and industries. Listening does more than provide real-time business intelligence. It helps me create engaging content ideas for clients’ digital marketing. I can also use these ideas to help clients gain media coverage. Here’s how.

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Four reasons to promote your event with media coverage

When you’re planning an event, you need an efficient, effective way to encourage people to attend. Media coverage is a smart choice. This television segment I arranged on a local ABC-affiliate lifestyle program made 76,000 impressions. It helped our client, RAM Racing, tell audiences about the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k run. The segment illustrates four reasons why media coverage is a convincing way to promote your event.

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Why publicity should be in your product marketing strategy

This national article that I arranged for our client, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, shows why media coverage should be a part of your product marketing strategy. Media stories can capture consumers’ interest and explain product benefits. Media coverage also has a huge reach; this national article made one million impressions. The article used an intriguing angle to make consumers curious to read further.

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Social media sites can give you peace of mind about your marketing

Promoting a product can cause you to do a lot of wondering. You may wonder what consumers really think about your new product. You may wonder if your promotions are attracting attention. You may ask yourself why some campaigns increase sales and others seem to get no reaction. Monitoring social media sites can give you peace of mind by providing answers to many of these questions.

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California media coverage ready for its next life in digital marketing

This California media coverage I arranged for our client, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), reached 75,000 viewers when it aired on an ABC-affiliated morning show. But that was just the start. Now MPOC can repurpose this media clip in its digital marketing to teach more consumers about Malaysian sustainable palm oil’s benefits. The media stories we arrange have two lives: their initial airing and serving as owned-media marketing tools afterwards.