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Equip yourself with the latest social media strategies for 2015

The social media landscape can be challenging. Make sure you have the latest tips and strategies for reaching your customers by attending MarketSmart Academy’s upcoming class, Crafting a Standout Social Media Strategy. During this class, Checkerboard President Jason Kocina will give you expert tips for using social media productively. The strategy behind your social media activity is vitally important. In today’s information overload, people tend to focus on things that remain consistent:
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Tweets and treats: MarketSmart Academy provides business Twitter class

“Find. Follow. List. Engage.” Checkerboard President Jason Kocina gave this potent strategy for connecting with target audiences during the Let’s Talk Twitter: Twitter for Business class that he hosted in January. At this free MarketSmart Academy class, area businesspeople were treated to useful tips for reaching their customers on Twitter. Jason provided both academic knowledge and practical strategies to help class participants leverage the popular social media service to tell their stories.

Marketing education you can’t afford to miss!

Do you have bold marketing and sales goals this year? Using past strategies and tactics won’t get you there. Here is your chance to do something different and help achieve a rock-star year! New year, new you! And the best news: These classes are offered for free! So kick off your marketing with some new strategies, ideas, and great information! Revitalize your marketing know-how and learn to communicate in places where your customers are listening. Regardless of your marketing experience, we
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Our certified Google Analytics pros find better ways to tell clients’ stories

You might think that Google Analytics only helps you understand how well your website is performing. That’s just a fraction of its value. As certified Google Analytics experts, we know how to use this powerful tool to drive more effective online marketing campaigns for our clients. We use it, for example, to write targeted content that draws more people into client’s websites, and to increase the number of opportunities we have to tell our client’s stories to interested audiences. Not every
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Vlogs help stop the nasty little chain smoking monkey

Social media streams that are brimming with interesting tidbits and sales-rich content. What sounded so dreamy in the beginning has become a nasty little monkey on the backs of many marketers. Empty days on the editorial calendar seem to taunt you, calling out for something new and creative. An easy way to refresh your social media stream is time-released video blogs (vlogs). We’ve recently set up a little video studio to help you tell your story through video. I’m not convinced we have our
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Empathize with Your Customers to Keep Them Coming Back

Take a walk in your customer’s shoes with a new business strategy. The art of empathy is a contemporary and growing idea among business professionals in 2013. Leaders are beginning to focus their aim away from the customer’s wallet, and instead are striving to understand the world from the customer’s perspective. Wired Magazine states that empathy is a “revolutionary force for change” as a “future-proof” business strategy in 2013. You can personally discover this innovative approach

Free seminars provide education you can’t afford not to know

Wikipedia describes lifelong learning as: “… The lifelong, life wide, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. As such, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development, but also competitiveness and employability.” That’s what our MARKETSMART Academy is all about. We help sharpen participants’ thinking as it relates to marketing. Apply the concepts that you will learn when you prepare your ads, update

Demanding media recognition

Share, post, publish! There are so many media avenues you can use today to ensure your content is visible. Do you know what to say? How do you make your content stand out and demand recognition? Are you ready to write compelling press releases? What does it take for a press release to grab a reporter’s attention? And what are the professional writing tactics for social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter?  What steps should you take to ensure that your content shows up in search engines? Forget

MarketSmart Academy brings new strategies to marketing

You will want this product! This is the message that every company cries out through advertising. With the sluggish economy, however, how can your business promote its product and maintain your current clients? MarketSmart Academy may have the answers! MarketSmart Academy offers free classes with helpful tips and tools for business professionals on integrating non-advertising marketing strategies. On January 16, MarketSmart Academy will host marketing experts Heather Champine and Wendy Blomseth.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

Jump on the social media bandwagon! More and more business are realizing the importance of creating a presence on social media sites. These channels are quickly becoming mainstream, and if your company doesn’t take advantage of them, the competition soon will. This year 90% of businesses are expected to increase their social media engagement. If you don’t join this trend, your competition could steal a large number of potential customers. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others provide corporations